Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why DoTERRA For Me?

So yesterday was my 26th birthday. Of course I was thinking back to my life and everything that I have done, been through, experienced, etc. So the question popped into my mind about why I am using DoTERRA and why I am trying to go more natural in my house. So here is my answer:
When I was little, I always had the most random illnesses and then was cursed with awful viruses that medicine could never help with. So I'd end up suffering for days (or at least it seemed like it because I was young). Then when I was in high school, I was basically insomniac. I ended up taking sleeping pills so I could get some sleep at night. Eventually, the recommended dosage didn't work, so I'd have to add an additional pill. Pretty soon, I realized that what was going on in my body was not right. So I stopped taking them. Through-out the rest of my life, I would pop a pill here and there to help with tension headaches or colds or allergies. Sometimes they'd work, sometimes they didn't. But I always felt like I had to take a lot of them to get any results. I remember after my 2nd child was born, I wanted to learn more about natural healing and thinking it was too hard and confusing so I never did. Then my cousin showed up and asked me to host a class and I was hooked! I understand you need medicine sometimes. But, in my opinion, our bodies would rather be able to heal itself and it has the power to do so. So why not let it? It is so empowering knowing that whatever comes my way, I have the potential to take care of myself and my family. So often we hear about people becoming addicted to medicines of some sort. Why is that? Because our bodies become immune to them and so it needs more and more to get any affects from it. Pretty soon, we are taking too much, people are dieing from overdoses, and our bodies think we need the pills to survive and will relapse if they don't get them. By me taking this step to use the earth in a way that I think it was intended for, I am also teaching my children to appreciate the Earth in its entirety, to utilize it to the best of their abilities.
Realize that this is just my opinion. Everyone is different and has their own opinions. I would love to hear what you all think and feel about the oils. So please share by leaving a comment! :)

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