Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest Post Time!

You all thought I forgot about my guest post I promised you for today, don't you? No, I have not forgotten. I went shopping in Idaho Falls and ended up being gone ALL DAY! So here I am. This post comes from a good friend of mine, Lyndsey. She has 3 kiddos and started using the oils about the same time as me! Here is an experience that she was willing to share! :) Enjoy!

"When my youngest son was born at the end of January, of course, my fear was RSV, colds, and the flu. My second son, Joby, had a fever off and on. Since both of them were using the binky, Joby would put Sage's binky in his mouth, and then proceed to put it back in baby's mouth. I knew no good would come of this. Sure enough, about two days later, we were at my in-laws and my baby felt hot. After taking his temperature, his fever was 101, or possible higher. I'm not sure why I was panicking, because I knew he probably had just gotten the flu from my son. But because they tell you to take babies under 3 months into the hospital for fevers, to the hospital we went.
I thought for sure they were just going to check his temp and give him some fever reducing prescription. And if I had known otherwise I wouldn't have gone. They wanted to give him x-rays, a spinal tap, they wanted to take mucus samples, and blood samples. They also wanted to check us in so they could give him an iv!
At this point he was feverish and was a little congested. So they checked us in, and luckily my pediatrician was there. He looked at him, and after I told him I was pretty sure it was the flu, he told me that he would get much worse before he got better. He was also jaundiced, and because of the flu his bilirubin levels went up to about 12.
So we got to our room and I just let him sleep all night on my chest resolving to fix this with my oils. By morning time I called my husband and begged him to bring me some of my oils so I could help my baby get better. When my children are sick, I usually just bust out the oils, so I decided I would do the same for my baby. I had him bring me Breath, On Guard, Lavender, and Lemon. Breath was to clear his congestion, On Guard was to kill the virus, Lavender was to calm him and help him sleep, and Lemon was to help lower the fever as well as help kill the virus. I rubbed these on his feet every hour or two. I rub them on the feet for two reasons. one is because I have a daughter with a skin sensitivity to the oils, so I have to rub them on her feet to avoid a reaction. Two, when you rub oils on the feet the nerve endings all end there, so they can carry the oils from the feet to the entire body within 20 minutes.
Now remember, the doctor told me he would get much worse before he got better? Well, the first night (before the oils) he did get a little more congested, but 3 hours from when I started administering the oils, his fever was gone. His congestion went down, and his bilirubin levels went down noticeably. Even I was impressed, and I knew the power of oils! The doctor came back later on in the afternoon and was amazed! He said he had never seen a baby recover so quickly from the flu! It was pretty exciting! We were released from the hospital the next day(they wanted to make sure he was fine) and I continued to administer the oils until I was sure his flu was gone. It was about another two days that he had a little congestion.
The funny thing is there was nothing "modern medicine" was actually doing for my son, so I really wish I would have thought of the oils before I went to the hospital! All they could do for him was give him Tylenol, which didn't help.
I always make sure to have On Guard. In fact, if I had a diffuser, I would have been diffusing On Guard at the first sign of my son Joby getting sick. Then Sage wouldn't have caught his flu. Whenever my kids get cold or flu sick, I start rubbing On Guard on their feet. We also like drinking Lemon water when we are sick too. And Lavender is an oil that everyone should have. Its one of those, "if you don't know what to do, use lavender" kind of oils. Its good for everything!
So go out right now and get you some On Guard and Lavender, at the very least. DoTERRA's oils are by far the highest quality I have ever used, so just bypass the cheap ones. Seriously, I have been there, done that. DoTERRA is so worth your money!"

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