Monday, August 22, 2011

One Drop Goes A Long Way

My youngest child, Rory, (who weighed in this morning at 15 lbs and is 4 months old), struggled yesterday. She was a little ornery and at church I realized she was feeling a little warm. So when we got home, I took out the thermometer and took her temperature. Sure enough, 100.8. Poor baby! She was feeling miserable. I could tell she just was achy and didn't feel good. So we got her in some comfy clothes and I grabbed the Peppermint oil. Peppermint is a cooling and calming oil. Great for fevers! I put a drop on each foot and then I like to put one on the crown of the head when my kids have a fever. I did this every few hours. After my other 3 went to bed and I could focus more on Rory, I put a cold washcloth on her forehead and we cuddled. She slept ok. Her temperature went as high as 101 through out the night. But this morning, at the doctor's office, she was down to normal at 98*. I think this just goes to show how strong a drop here and a drop there is with doTERRA's oils. Because they are so pure, they are strong. Now that I think about it, that is kind of how I want my kids to grow up. Pure and strong. I think the oils help us achieve that goal. Along with leading a healthy lifestyle.

Now on this blog, besides telling you more about the oils, I want to just instill how good it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. With eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and using the essential oils, you are destined to lead a long healthy life! So periodically, there will be posts about healthy foods or activities or something. :)
I also want to add that when you use the oils, it is so important to learn to listen to your body. If you are a parent, listen to those intuitions on how to help your children. Be aware of the needs of the body and act on them once you figure it out. This can only help your body function properly and make it through this life!
Once again, these are only my opinions. You may feel differently and that is completely fine with me. I'm just sharing my experiences! If you ever make the Lime Cheesecake from my last post, please let us all know how it tasted and what you think! You can also try using an oil called Citrus Bliss or Grapefruit or some other flavor/oil if you wish to experiment. I haven't tried Orange yet.

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