Friday, July 29, 2011

Diffusing Oils

DoTERRA has just come out with this new diffuser. If you watched the clip about the hospitals using the oils (if you didn't get that opportunity, click here to see that post!), this was the one they were using. Diffusing the oils is a GREAT way to utilize your stock of oils to benefit everyone in the room. I know that one of my favorite oils to diffuse is Elevation, a DoTERRA blend. It is use as an anti-depressant. It helps to uplift the mood and help people be happy. Oh and it smells really good! All of DoTERRA's oils are antibacterial, so it will also kill those airborne pathogens in the process of making your room smell good and keeping everyone happy. I know with 4 kids in my house under the age of 5, it feels like a mad circus sometimes. So I like to diffuse Elevation to help keep us all happy and getting along. Sometimes I will do OnGuard if there are colds going around. I also like to do Lavender or Serenity if someone might need a little help sleeping or calming down. The best thing about it is when the kids are around, since these oils are not toxic at all, they like to go right up to the diffuser and smell them while watching the mist come out. With them doing that, they get more benefits from the oils that are being diffused!  Retail price of the diffuser below is $173.27. If you want to get it for only $129.95, send me an email and I'll tell you how!! :)