Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Finally, summertime is upon us and life is getting crazier! At least it is at my house! Between being outside, eating tons of good food and staying up late, there are plenty of opportunities to put those oils to good use! Here are my suggestions on what oils to keep close by:
DigestZen - with all of the food we consume during these months, sometimes it can be hard on our tummies. I suggest keeping this one and when an upset stomach happens, rub a drop or two on your stomach for some relief!
Lavender - After having a long, fun day in the sun, rub this oil on your skin for sunburn relief! 
Slim and Sassy - If you want some extra help getting into the swimming suit, use this oil on your problem areas and/or add it to your water. 
Melaleuca - If you have a bug bite or another skin issue, use this oil to help it heal faster. 
Peppermint - After a hot day, use this oil to help cool you down and give you a pick-me-up by rubbing behind your ears. In fact, here is a little recipe for you for a mist you can put in a spray bottle. Enjoy! :) Just use 1/2 tsp Epsom Salts, and 5-10 drops of any cooling essential oil such as peppermint. (You can also use Eucalyptus, any citrus oils, Melaleuca, lavender or Roman Chamomile.)
OnGuard - I would keep this one by because nobody wants to get sick during the summer! It is no fun to be stuck inside when so much is going on outside! So rub a drop on your feet every morning and/or diffuse it into the air to keep your immune systems in tip-top shape! 
Do you have any other suggestions or tips for our fellow followers? 

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