Monday, January 31, 2011

Spider Bite? Use Lavender!

I have a really good friend, Molly Anderson, who recently shared this experience with me and so I thought it'd be a great one for you all to read.
"Ok so about a week ago I woke up with this quarter size red spot on my hip. It hurt so bad and was so huge! Plus it was right underneath the waist band of my pants so it would rub and hurt even worse! I don't know for sure that it was a spider bite, but I don't know what else it could be.
The next morning I woke up with two more bites, one on my left cheek and one right next to my left eye. They weren't as big as the one on my hip, but still noticeable, painful, and itchy.
I looked up spider bites in the Essential Oils 911 book and it said lavender was the best thing. I put some on all three of my bites and did this about four times a day, or as often as I felt like I needed it. It completely got rid of the redness and itching on my face. My bites went down to a barely noticeable size within one day. After that I just used the lavender to control the itching, but the pain was gone!
My bigger bite didn't go away as fast, but the lavender did get rid of the pain and itching. I think it was because it was so much bigger that it took a few days to go away, but at least I wasn't in pain."

I get the chills thinking about the spider bites on her face! Ugh! I hate spiders!
I'm so glad Molly was willing to let me post this on here. Big shout-out to Molly Anderson! Thanks a ton! I hope you all were able to learn something new from her experience! Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When In Doubt, Use.....?

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I posted. We've all been sick with some sort of nasty cold and with my pregnancy, I just cannot keep up with life anymore!! :) But, here I am.
Before I get started, I want to tell you first that I need your help. My goal is to get 5 more followers before Sunday. Can you all help me with that? :) 
The main topic for today is LAVENDER! Lavender is probably the most common essential oil out there! It comes from the flowering top of the plant. Lavender is universal and typically known to help the wherever there is a need in the body. As some say, when in doubt, use Lavender. It is a calming and relaxing oil. It can be used neatly, that means without any sort of carrier oil. It can be used to help one sleep better, to generate a good sense of well-being and to promote peace with one's self. 
Lavender is part of the DoTERRA Beginner's Trio- Lemon and Peppermint being the other two oils. This is one of the first oils that people usually start with because it really can be used for anything! It is wonderful! You can put it on bruises, burns, or even use it in a moment (or several moments) of hysteria. 
Don't forget: When in doubt, use Lavender!! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Followers and Daughter Update...

Two things today: 

My goal is to get as many followers of this blog that I can. So my deal is that when I reach 100 followers, I'm going to start having giveaways once a month of my featured oil for the month. Is that too much or too little? I'm always looking for ideas for this to make it a informational, entertaining and popular blog. So please, feel free to give me your ideas and comments! Please spread the word so we can get lots of people following the blog. Then the fun will really begin!

Update on my daughter: So I haven't written about this yet, but my daughter has had some skin issues since she was a baby. She is now almost 5 and it is getting worse! We've tried lotions, even prescription, but it always comes back. I thought at the beginning that it was just dry skin, but over the last year, we've used enough lotions and stuff that it shouldn't be getting worse, it should be getting better. So, because of my own issues with yeast, I've done a lot of research on candida, or yeast. Turns out, yeast overgrowth can cause so many problems on the outside of your body. I also learned that just because you get rid of the yeast on the outside, it isn't getting rid of it on the inside and can only be done naturally because antibiotics don't kill yeast. So, after a lot of searching and asking questions, I've deducted that my daughter's skin problem is a candida problem. So, finally, I'm going to put her on a little cleanse to help clear it out. I would post pictures but the rash is mainly on her little bum. Though it has been spreading down her legs and around her shoulders and elbows. So I started her on a candida cleanse, but I couldn't get her to swallow a pill or drink the oils in some water. So I went and got some Agave sweetener, and we call it honey. I put some on a spoon with 3 drops Melaleuca, 2 drops of Oregano and 3 drops of lemon and she takes it twice a day. She doesn't like the way it tastes, but is great and takes it anyways. She chugs water as soon as it gets in her mouth. Oregano is a hot oil and so it burns a little bit on her tongue and her lips. So we just rub some extra virgin olive oil immediately after taking it on her tongue and around her mouth and within a minute or two, she is just fine. She's been taking it for almost a week now. I also made her an oil concoction to rub on her body in the morning and at night. It has extra virgin olive oil to provide some natural moisture, melaleuca,  lavender, geranium and a few drops of balance. After almost a week of doing this twice a day, her skin is looking so much better! It isn't as dry and her rash is going away! I love it! My daughter loves using the oils because lotions would actually hurt her when she'd put them on, they'd sting. Oils don't do that.

Yay for progress!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sorry it has been SOOO long since my last post. My laptop broke and it is harder for me to get into my bedroom for my spare moments to type up my posts rather than sitting on my couch where I can physically see what my kids are getting their hands into. :) But, here I am. 
For this post, I thought it was time for a testimonial of some sort. So, for this first one, it is from me. Just an experience of how an oil helped me. Here goes:
Everybody hates this time of year when colds and coughs and the flu come into play. Well, here at my house, we actually do pretty good at combating the common cold, with the help of essential oils, of course. First of all, I will diffuse into the air OnGuard. OnGuard will kill the airborne pathogens within a radius of the diffuser (which is pretty big with my awesome diffuser!!) and will therefore kill all of those yucky germs out. The great thing about essential oils, especially with OnGuard is that it isn't killing off those good germs that we all need to keep on our bodies. So often when we use hand sanitizer so often, we will kill off all of those good germs, which only causes us to get sick just as much, or potentially more often. OnGuard helps keeps those good germs around to help protect your body. When someone in my tiny apartment catches a nasty cold, essential oils are the first thing we all think of. If it is just a cold, I will rub OnGuard and Lavender on my kids' feet. This is done as often as I can remember through-out the day (usually 5-10 times). If there is a cough involved, I rub Breathe on the chest  followed by taking a few deep breaths. I've done this on myself as well as on my daughter Abby and it has really made a huge difference. When someone is sick in my house, the diffuser gets moved to their room for the night-time. There I will diffuse OnGuard and Lavender together. This will help kill off the germs, keep everyone else healthy, and then the Lavender is to help them sleep a little better than they would have otherwise. 
This is just one example of what we do at our house. My kids love using essential oils and will always choose them over medicine. Which, by the way, isn't even a choice at my house anymore because we ONLY use essential oils. My kids love getting them rubbed on their feet and body as well as just smelling them. My husband has even joined us in using them and has had good results from a nasty cold he had been cursed with. :)
I hope this experience has given someone out there some hope and an idea for their own use of essential oils. 
Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to ask in the comment page or email me with them! :) 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 Uses of EO and CPTG

There are 3 different ways to use essential oils. Internally, Topically and Aromatically. Internally means that you take them in pills or by drinking water, etc. Topically means that you rub them directly onto your skin. Sometimes you might need a carrier oil to go with it, such as fractionated coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil, etc. This is used when the oil is considered a "hot" oil, like oregano or cinnamon. Or when you are using them on little children, sometimes their sensitive skin can't handle the oil neat (that means by itself, with no carrier oil). To use aromatically means that you diffuse them into the air. You shouldn't necessarily use any type of humidifier or vaporizer, instead, you should use diffusers make for essential oils. The oils are so strong that they can erode certain types of plastic (I've seen it happen with my spray bottle! ). So if you need any suggestions on a good diffuser, let me know. I absolutely love mine and use it all the time. It travels around the house to various rooms and covers a good area when turned on. 

When you are using essential oils, to get the best results, you want to make sure they say CPTG on them. CPTG means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This means that they are 100% pure and natural. This will give you the best results you can get. DoTERRA's oils are all CPTG. They are 100% organic in the way the plants are grown and tested. Other companies are starting to make more of theirs CPTG, but nothing like DoTERRA! It is awesome! Other brands might smell a little better than DoTERRA's periodically, but that is usually because of added synthetics that make them that way, thus taking away some of their quality and will not give you the best results that you want and expect! So if you are planning on implementing essential oils into your lives, I highly recommend that you choose DoTERRA! They are worth every penny and are life-changing!