Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sorry it has been SOOO long since my last post. My laptop broke and it is harder for me to get into my bedroom for my spare moments to type up my posts rather than sitting on my couch where I can physically see what my kids are getting their hands into. :) But, here I am. 
For this post, I thought it was time for a testimonial of some sort. So, for this first one, it is from me. Just an experience of how an oil helped me. Here goes:
Everybody hates this time of year when colds and coughs and the flu come into play. Well, here at my house, we actually do pretty good at combating the common cold, with the help of essential oils, of course. First of all, I will diffuse into the air OnGuard. OnGuard will kill the airborne pathogens within a radius of the diffuser (which is pretty big with my awesome diffuser!!) and will therefore kill all of those yucky germs out. The great thing about essential oils, especially with OnGuard is that it isn't killing off those good germs that we all need to keep on our bodies. So often when we use hand sanitizer so often, we will kill off all of those good germs, which only causes us to get sick just as much, or potentially more often. OnGuard helps keeps those good germs around to help protect your body. When someone in my tiny apartment catches a nasty cold, essential oils are the first thing we all think of. If it is just a cold, I will rub OnGuard and Lavender on my kids' feet. This is done as often as I can remember through-out the day (usually 5-10 times). If there is a cough involved, I rub Breathe on the chest  followed by taking a few deep breaths. I've done this on myself as well as on my daughter Abby and it has really made a huge difference. When someone is sick in my house, the diffuser gets moved to their room for the night-time. There I will diffuse OnGuard and Lavender together. This will help kill off the germs, keep everyone else healthy, and then the Lavender is to help them sleep a little better than they would have otherwise. 
This is just one example of what we do at our house. My kids love using essential oils and will always choose them over medicine. Which, by the way, isn't even a choice at my house anymore because we ONLY use essential oils. My kids love getting them rubbed on their feet and body as well as just smelling them. My husband has even joined us in using them and has had good results from a nasty cold he had been cursed with. :)
I hope this experience has given someone out there some hope and an idea for their own use of essential oils. 
Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to ask in the comment page or email me with them! :) 

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