Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 Uses of EO and CPTG

There are 3 different ways to use essential oils. Internally, Topically and Aromatically. Internally means that you take them in pills or by drinking water, etc. Topically means that you rub them directly onto your skin. Sometimes you might need a carrier oil to go with it, such as fractionated coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil, etc. This is used when the oil is considered a "hot" oil, like oregano or cinnamon. Or when you are using them on little children, sometimes their sensitive skin can't handle the oil neat (that means by itself, with no carrier oil). To use aromatically means that you diffuse them into the air. You shouldn't necessarily use any type of humidifier or vaporizer, instead, you should use diffusers make for essential oils. The oils are so strong that they can erode certain types of plastic (I've seen it happen with my spray bottle! ). So if you need any suggestions on a good diffuser, let me know. I absolutely love mine and use it all the time. It travels around the house to various rooms and covers a good area when turned on. 

When you are using essential oils, to get the best results, you want to make sure they say CPTG on them. CPTG means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This means that they are 100% pure and natural. This will give you the best results you can get. DoTERRA's oils are all CPTG. They are 100% organic in the way the plants are grown and tested. Other companies are starting to make more of theirs CPTG, but nothing like DoTERRA! It is awesome! Other brands might smell a little better than DoTERRA's periodically, but that is usually because of added synthetics that make them that way, thus taking away some of their quality and will not give you the best results that you want and expect! So if you are planning on implementing essential oils into your lives, I highly recommend that you choose DoTERRA! They are worth every penny and are life-changing!

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