Friday, December 31, 2010

What are these things?

I know someone out there might be wondering the question: What are essential oils? Well, here's an answer for you! 
Essential oils are volatile liquids that come from the earth. They come from the bark, roots, seeds, stems, etc. of plants. They are then distilled out, tested for purity and bottled up to be sent to YOU! :) Simple enough, eh?
Essential oils can be used medicinally or therapeutically. So whether you are looking to relax after a stressful day, or get rid of a stomach bug running through your house, there is an oil for it all! 
Essential oils help our bodies naturally heal itself. An explanation of this that I love is this: When we are sick, and we take a medicine, it goes into our body and tells the body what it's going to do without caring about what the body actually needs. Therefore, it may not always correct and fix the actual problem! When EO (essential oils) are used, they go into the body and have an actual conversation with your body to find out what is going on and what it needs. They will then work together to naturally heal the ailments occurring. Doesn't that sound much better? How many times have you gone to the doctor for something and either the medicine they give you doesn't work so you end up back in there within a week, or they tell you there is nothing they can do in the first place? Isn't it frustrating? I've been there and done that! Another reason about why I am using essential oils in my life! What about you? What are your experiences with medicines not working to get rid of the problem or not even working at all? Feel free to leave a comment telling us your experience!
**Just a side note!** I am not dissing doctors or medicine in any way!!! I definitely think that doctors have a place in this world and I am glad they exist! I am also glad that essential oils exist so I can take care of myself and my family at home.

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