Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Blistering 98.6* F

I think I have mentioned on here once or twice that when using the oils to cook with, you might lose the healing purposes from them because of the heat. This is the same reason you need to keep them out of direct sunlight and high heat. Well it struck me the other day that our bodies are 98.6 degrees. Therefore, if you are using the oils in your foods and drinks, as long as you don't go hotter than that, you should still get the medicinal necessities from them. So if you are sick and want to make some sort of peppermint tea or lemon tea or something, just make sure your water isn't hotter than 98.6 degrees and you should be alright! :) 
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Much Do YOU Like the Smell of Garlic?

First of all, I want to let you all know, my semester is over!!!! I don't have homework until January! Wahoo! I have to take advantage of this time and unfortunately there is so much on my list that I want to do. Lucky for all of you, this blog is high on that list! :)
Second of all, I want to give a shout-out to Jennifer, who commented on the previous post about using the Digest-Zen on her baby! I love hearing success stories like that and am so happy for you Jennifer that you found something that worked! 
Okay, I'm sure you are all wondering what my title has to do with this post. Before I go on any further, I want to begin by saying, this could end up being a long post. In addition to my blabbering on, it might seem a bit...personal type of information you are reading. I debated whether to put this on, but, this blog is dedicated to helping you all feel better, lead healthy lives, using essential oils and other products to help you do that - THE NATURAL WAY! So the following is an experience I have had recently, actually, am still currently having and I share in hopes that I am able to help someone else out there who might have the same problem. I am not intending to gross anyone out. If I do, please keep your comments to yourself and skip this post until the next one comes along! :) So, are you ready? Here we go! :)

I have a yeast problem. I have for about 7 1/2 years now. I used to eat so much sugar when I was little. I think that might have had something to do with it. I would get vaginal yeast infections all of the time! Pain in the butt! Then I started having kids. It would seem like I would have one the whole pregnancy. Then I'd breastfeed and get the thrush on my nipples and in my baby's mouth. Painful. If you have never had to deal with one, please count your blessings. They are uncomfortable and painful! Nothing good about them. I usually would just go get the Monistat cream and stuff and it would go away for the time being. Eventually though, it always came back. Then I heard somewhere that Monistat only takes away the symptoms and not necessarily the yeast problem. This made sense to me because it was always a short time later that I'd get another yeast infection.
I learned pretty quickly to drink cranberry juice, although I never saw it do too much for me. But, if I felt like one was coming, I'd start drinking (it isn't my favorite juice!). I'd get the prescriptions when I'd have it from nursing and we'd deal with the pain for a while but eventually it would go away. Then during my third pregnancy, I started to get the thrush in my own mouth. Believe me, if you think it is gross just reading this, try being the one who has the problem! 
Throughout this time that I have started going A Nat-ur-el, I have realized how much of what I eat effects this problem with yeast that I have. It is the sugar!  Not just the candy and the pop though. It is all of the white bread, potatoes, other starches, white rice, etc. that turns into sugar when it goes into your body. So for the last year, I've tried really hard to eat healthier, just in general. At the point in time, I don't typically eat white bread at all, only wheat and whole grain. I eat more vegetables. I do eat fruits, like with my green smoothies, but eating too much fruit can be bad for the yeast problem too because of the natural sugars in them. I just try to control the pop and candy and replace it with water. 
Since using the oils, I have had no yeast infections since my last baby was born, so back in April. That is quite a while for me and quite amazing actually. Nursing has been going great and I absolutely love it! She is a good eater and because of the LifeLong Vitality pack and a mega cranberry pill that I take everyday, my milk has been great. Basically cream is what I'm feeding my child, ha ha. Then I decided to add some oils to my teeth-brushing regiment and I think it started to somewhat detox and push out the yucky stuff. This is when I got thrush/yeast infection from breastfeeding. That was about two weeks ago. The oil that is necessary for this is Melaleuca. Just my luck, mine was gone! So I got it put on my next autoship, but that wasn't going to come for two weeks (I just got it yesterday, ha ha). I got on the doTERRA google group and started asking for help. It was starting to get really painful to nurse, to the point that I had to tense up my whole body and hold my breath cuz it hurt so bad. I was told to try taking Oregano and OnGuard in a pill everyday. So I did. Then I read the Oregano can make your milk decrease. Between that and just struggling with nursing cuz of the pain, I felt my milk decreasing. I am not ready to wean and so that was the last thing I wanted. so for about three days, 1-2x a day, I rubbed basil on my breasts hoping that it wasn't too late and that my milk was gone for good. I felt like maybe the yeast infection wasn't getting worse, but it certainly wasn't better. I noticed the thrush in Rory's mouth and thought, there has to be something else! So I got back on to the google group and asked more questions. I had one lady tell me about garlic and how good it is for killing off the yeast. Here is where my title comes into play. What I had to do is vaginally put a clove of garlic in me and change it about 3x a day and then give Rory some. 

So here is the update. I went and got my garlic this morning and started it. I was also told that Grapefruit seed extract is great, so I got that to give to Rory so that it would taste a little better for her. I put about 5 drops in a bottle of water and she just sips on it periodically. Because the pain has gotten so bad, just thinking about nursing made me cringe in pain. So I have been pumping bottles to give her so that we have a break and don't just keep passing the infection back and forth. Well it is 11:15pm. I have done the clove of garlic thing three times today, I have pumped bottles so that we have a little break, I have given Rory some of her special water, and I continue to wash with warm water and put a drop of Melaleuca on my nipples after every pumping/feeding. Here are my results: I FEEL 10 TIMES BETTER THAN I DID THIS MORNING!! Having the garlic in you puts it into your bloodstream and therefore you will smell like garlic. I could smell it and taste it in my mouth all day. It doesn't stink to me, but it sure gets old after a little while. But, the most important factor is that it is working! I am laying low on the sugar still (I think after two weeks of doing this I have even lost a pound or two!) and drinking a lot of water. I am still going to pump for probably another day but then I will start nursing again. I am thinking that after I am done nursing, I need to do a cleanse. Another problem with yeast is that stress can make it worse. Just my luck, it is the end of my semester and life has been VERY stressful for me the last couple weeks. But now that it is over and I can relax a little bit, I am confident that I will be doing so much better by the end of the week. Oh, and during this whole thing, when I have been pumping, I was only able to get about 2-4 oz of milk out (that is both breasts combined). Today, I pumped a 9oz bottle!! I feel like I have plenty now to keep going for a little while longer since my Rory loves to nurse so much.
Sometimes an oil won't be the answer. Just as in this case, I needed something stronger than Melaleuca. Garlic cloves are working wonderfully and will definitely not ever forget this experience so that I can keep this solution in my files.
I wanted to share this experience because I know a few of you moms out there are nursing or maybe there are some of you out there who might have the same problem I do. I have realized my body really cannot handle a ton of sugar, even more so since I have stopped eating so much. This blog is about being healthy and finding healthy ways to take care of yourself and those you love. 
I hope I didn't gross anyone out and I hope my message makes sense. My brain is kind of fried!