Sunday, July 10, 2011

Essential Oils In the News!!

Hey everyone! I was going through my emails from my upline and came across this one. DoTERRA essential oils were actually in the news a while ago. Isn't that amazing? This brand is spreading like wildfire for a reason...because they actually work! I encourage you all to watch this clip and hopefully, if you haven't changed your mind about the oils yet, this will do it! :) Leave me some feedback as to what you think about it! I hope to hear from you all!

Don't forget to tell others about this blog. I'm getting more material together to post more often so look forward to what is coming!
If you are interested in getting emails about tips and conference calls and events from my upline, send me an email or let me know somehow and I will get your email address added to the list. The calls that I've been able to attend have been amazing and I always leave having had learned something new. So I encourage you to take part in that! 
I hope everyone's summer is going well and everyone is having a blast!! :)

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