Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A "Duh" Moment

My little Rory went to the doctor yesterday, like I already mentioned, and got 3 shots in her legs. Her fever had gone down by that point but I started hoping that since she had gotten shots, her fever didn't reappear. Well, it did and it was worse than the previous night. It got up to 102. She slept most of the day and evening and was ornery. I continued to put peppermint oil on her feet and head to help reduce the fever. Then here is where my "Duh" Moment comes in, why was I not putting On Guard on her this whole time?? Geez!! She has had a bit of a stuffy nose this whole time so I'm pretty sure she just has a little bug/cold. So last night, I put a drop of On Guard on each of her feet, along with the Peppermint. She slept all night long! Thankfully! Then when she woke up this morning, instead of having a stuffy nose, she had a runny nose. This is a sign that the oils are pushing out the cold. I put them on her feet again this morning and currently her temperature is 98*. Normal! It is miserable when a child of yours is sick and sometimes you feel so helpless. So I'm really thankful that I have these oils and can help my children feel at their greatest!
This is Rory from this morning playing in her jumper!

I also want to mention one thing about the oils. They work a little differently than medicine does. Sometimes they have the effect that instead of just getting rid of the ailment, or dissolving the , they will, in a sense, push it out. This is what happened with Rory and the On Guard. Instead of just clearing up her sinus', she got a runny nose because it is pushing out the bad stuff. This is a good thing. So if you are using them and this happens, it is a good thing. Just keep using them and eventually it will be gone! Best of luck!
Keep the comments coming! I love to hear from my readers! If you have an experience with the oils that you wouldn't mind sharing, let me know and you can be our guest post for the day! :)


Alisha said...

That's good to know about the oils pushing stuff out! I have been kind of frustrated by that!

Molly! said...

I totally had this same "Duh" moment with Emyli last week! She had some kind of stomach flu with a fever and throwing up and I was giving her peppermint every 20 minutes to help with her fever and lavender to help relax her. AFTER she mostly got over her sickness I was like...duh. OnGuard...I was so frustrated with myself!