Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stress Is One Thing That Can Cause...

Do you know what stress can do to your body? Everybody is different and so stress does different things to different people. But the one I'd like to talk about today is one that my husband actually suffers from periodically...COLD SORES!! Yuck right? Fortunately, I have never had one. But my hubby has had them quite a few times and he really gets tired of them. This herpes virus actually stays in the body until the immune system is weak and then will break out, usually in form of a cold sore. So the best way to keep this from happening is to keep your immune system going strong! To do that, again, I would suggest using On Guard daily. Maybe by putting a drop on your feet in the morning before you put your socks on. (FYI, after putting oils on your feet, it is best to wear a pair of cotton socks for 10-20 minutes to make sure the oils don't get rubbed off) I would also suggest using lemon oil, such as a drop in your water, to help clean your body out and keep it clean. But, if life is stressful and you have that unfortunate luck of having the virus in your body, then here is what is suggested: "Apply one or two drops neat (undiluted) to the outbreak area as often as every 2 hours and not less than 3 times per day.  Continue for 3 days after symptoms are gone.  Melaleuca (often referred to as Tea Tree Oil) and Melissa are the most highly recommended oils.  Lavender, myrrh, or a blend of frankincense and sandalwood can also be used. For small children 50/50 dilution may be used." (This information comes from here
Since my husband has had one since we started using the oils, he used the Melaleuca oil on it. He told me that he really liked how when he put a drop on the cold sore, it sort of numbed it a bit and actually took the pain away. So just something to think about next time you feel a cold sore coming. It is best to nip it once you feel one starting instead of waiting until it is in full-swing.
For more information, please check out this website: You can put in any ailment and it will give you suggested protocols with doTERRA essential oils.

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