Friday, August 19, 2011

The Good and the Bad

So did you know that our bodies need some germs? There is such a thing as good germs out there! It is good to play in the dirt. It is also good to wash your hands afterwards. But did you know that there are some things out there that instead of really helping you, it might be making things worse? I have observed and done some research on products such as hand sanitizer to see just how good it is and whether I want it in my home or not. I have heard time and time again that hand sanitizer actually not only takes the bad germs off, but it will take the good germs as well. Making it so that your body is unable to form the immunities that it needs to to keep itself healthy. So for me, personally, I have chosen to not buy sanitizer from the stores. I do have some from life before the oils, but we really don't use it very often. To replace it, we have started using doTERRA's On Guard Hand Sanitizing Wipes. These will help to kill off those yucky germs that we don't want, but will enable your body to keep those necessary good germs. From what I'm seeing, the twin-pack of wipes are 10% off right now, making them $13.80 for a twin box set. Each box comes with 20 individually-wrapped, biodegradable wipes. So that is 40 wipes for the $13. It may seem a bit expensive to you, but how important is your family's health? Think about that. These On Guard wipes will also help protect the body against other viruses that might be going around. I can't promise that you or your children won't get sick. But using On Guard, as well as other oils, will help keep your children safer from those nasty germs going around. So stock up now before the winter months come upon us. Keep them in your purse, diaper bags, back packs, cars. Have your kids use them when they get home from school. Whatever your reason may be, just use them! :)

I just wanted to apologize for not having a post yesterday. The county fair is going on now and would you believe that I have been over to walk around and see the animals 4x already? That 4 times happened all yesterday and as soon as I feed my baby, we'll head on over to take a gander once again.

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