Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Blessed Laundry...

I don't know about you, but I HATE doing laundry with a passion. By the time I get it all put away, it is time to start washing again. At least at my house, that is the way it goes. Here are a few tips to use the oils in your laundry! Let me know what you think after you try it out!

"Essential oils may be used to help clean and sanitize your laundry.
Add 10 drops of eucalyptus to each load to kill dust mites or fleas.
Add 10 drops of lemon to help further deodorize and sanitize.
You may also add several drops of essential oils to the rinse cycle, such as
lemon, lavender or Citrus Bliss™ to help further soften and deodorize the load.
*In the Dryer*
Instead of using toxic and irritating softening sheets in your dryer, place a washcloth dampened with 10 drops of lavender, lemon, melaleuca, Citrus Bliss™, or another essential oil. While the oils will not reduce static
cling, they will impart a distinctive fragrance to your clothes. Over drying is the primary cause of static electricity. Remove your clothes from the dryer when you can sense a little dampness. Then fold or hang immediately if possible."
Info was taken from here.
I have started putting Elevation in my washer, while the water is running, before I put the clothes in. I put about 6-8 drops. I just really like the smell of my towels after they are all tried. Yes, I have only put it in with my towels.
If I have sick kids, I will use On Guard to help get rid of odors and/or germs. I am not a huge fan of citrus smells, which is why I don't personally use the lemon more often.

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lynzpaige said...

I feel ya about the laundry! I just finished putting it all away and the laundry baskets are already almost full again!