Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ahh....I Need To Relax....

Today is the kind of day that I have not been home for longer than 30 minutes since 9:30 this morning. That half hour isn't even all at once. My poor kids had to sit in the hot car while I did my errands around town (we have no AC at the moment, so when I say hot car, I am not exaggerating!). So here it is, late at night, my feet are tired and my mind is spinning from everything I need to do from kindergarten registration, kindergarten open house, preschool open house, get pictures developed, doctor appointments, dentist appointments and somewhere, in there, I have to get my books bought for my school semester that starts in a month. The perfect oil to use in a situation like this is a must-have in my house: SERENITY! Serenity is perfect for those stressful times in life. My favorite thing to do with it is put about 3-4 drops in a tub of hot water and take a bath to relax after days like today (be sure to test it out with your skin. That might be too many drops and you might feel it burn a little bit. So start with one drop and work from there. If the bath is for children, definitely only do one drop.) You can also combine it with some water, put it in a spray bottle and spray your pillows and sheets to help you sleep better. Serenity is a calming oil blend that "creates a sense of well-being and relaxation." (doTERRA's words, not mine.) So if you are feeling a little stressed out in life right now, or you think you might in the future, get your hands on this bottle of wonderful-ness. Have a foot soak, a bath, a massage, or spray your pillow with it. Whatever you do with it, I'm sure you will feel its calming affects.
P.S. I'm working on trying to find some good clip-art and figure out formatting with pictures. So if my pictures are plain until then, I'm apologize. Bear with me! :) Thanks!

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