Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stress Much? Part 2

I apologize once again for this second part coming later than I had hoped. Stupid internet!
Okay, so in part 1 we talked about how Lavender and Serenity are great for times in your life when you are feeling more stress or anxiety. I know today I felt a lot due to the need to get homework done, take care of kids, clean house, fix dinner and whatever else I can fit into my day. So some other oils that are recommended for dealing with stress are Elevation, Frankincense, Peppermint and even Breathe. It comes down to trying an oil out and seeing what works best for you and your body. Different things work for different people. On, the technique that is most recommended when using the oils is the cup and inhale method. To do this, simply place your hands in cupping position, place over nose and take deep breaths.  Deep breaths are important keys to remember when using the oils and going through out life. It gives the brain oxygen and allows for additional processing and healing to take place. So be sure to breathe deep and often to keep the air flow moving!
How are you all feeling? Still feeling stressed? What oil are you thinking you want to try out??

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