Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

How did you all spend your Labor Day today? My family (my little family, my parents and sister and her son) drove a bit to attend the annual Eastern Idaho State Fair. It was so much fun! And tiring! Whew! Randomly, as we were trying to figure out which of the fattening foods we wanted to put into our bodies for lunch, a man and woman passed us and asked if we wanted any hand sanitizer. First reaction in me said to say no. So I did. As we passed, I turned around and realized it was two people from doTERRA!!! There was so many people there so I couldn't go back and talk to them, but I thought it was cool! How brave they were! I hope they were able to help someone there. here is my tip for today. Saturday night, we had a BBQ with some family members that came to visit. My hubby thought he would be funny and give our baby (4 months old) a bite of ice cream. Of course, I got a little mad and told him that that night, he'd be the one staying up with her and her tummy ache. So what happened a few hours later? She is screaming and just a tootin'! I could tell that her tummy hurt so I immediately went for my DigestZen. It was probably around 11pm so I didn't want to stay up all night with her and I was feeling nice and didn't make my husband stay up with her. So I opened her pajamas, put a drop of DigestZen on her tummy and rubbed it around her belly. I think it took about 10 minutes and she was calm. Amazing!!! This is one oil that I cannot live without! Minus her cold, she slept great the rest of the night. I was so thankful that I could use this oil to help us both out. Help her rid herself of the pain she was feeling, and help me so I didn't have to stay up all night with a crying baby. 
DigestZen is $41.33 retail price and WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! This is one oil I have with me wherever I go.
Second Tip for today: Don't give babies ice cream! :)

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