Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Cure For Sleepwalking????

I have a great friend who is using doTERRA's oils in her own little family. She has been a guest on this blog before. Today we were talking because she was asking me about what oils to use with an eye infection (that will come in another post). So we were catching up a bit and she told me that she found a cure for her husband's sleepwalking habit!! Of course, I was like, "What?" So I asked her to share her fun find with the rest of us. Thanks Molly for being willing to share your story!

"My husband sleep walks. I've known this since we've started dating, which was six years ago. It happens more when he's sick or stressed out. And it's not just walking, either. He eats, he showers, he opens the front door, he turns the iron on...all while he's sleeping. What's worse is he never feels rested when he wakes up. He's tired all the time and never has enough energy to make it through a whole day. Poor guy.
Then, at the beginning of this year, we started to get into essential oils. Right away we thought of lavender. This would help get him to sleep but he would still feel tired in the morning. I put the problem in the back of my mind and then I got to thinking...There has to be something else that can help him sleep and feel rested. Then I found out about Serenity. This amazing oil is a blend that helps to relieve stress and relax you. My husband puts one drop of Serenity and one drop of lavender on each foot half an hour before he goes to bed and then again right when he gets into bed. He's been using it this whole week and has not walked in his sleep at all. He has also become a deeper sleeper. What's more is that he has unlimited amounts of energy! When he comes home from work he's not cranky and actually wants to take me out and do something in the evening. Wow! This is such a miracle to me because he has been sleep walking his whole life, then with a simple application of this all natural oil the problem is totally solved!
My only regret is that I didn't think of Serenity earlier!"


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