Friday, February 4, 2011

Sinus Infection and the Pain That Comes With It

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back here! I've been so sick the last couple weeks and I finally feel like it is coming to an end. I did want to share with you my natural regiment that I have been using to get rid of all of the different symptoms I've been feeling. Hopefully it gives you some ideas about what you can do with your oils or even get you interested in learning more about essential oils.
I woke up with a cough one morning about 2 weeks ago. Periodically I would get a runny nose or a sore throat, but it was mostly a cough. It started out dry but started moving down and becoming more congested! So I used a combination of DoTERRA's Breathe blend, and OnGuard. Breathe is a respiratory blend and OnGuard is great at killing germs. Then, this last Tuesday morning, I woke up with a toothache. I'm thinking, on wonderful! I have needed to make myself get to the dentist anyways for a good teeth cleaning. I remember hearing that Clove is great for toothaches and I happened to have some on hand. I put it on my tooth and it was so weird! It has a numbing effect. By the afternoon though, the pain had spread up into my cheek and eye. So I switched my dentist appointment from the next monday, to the next day, Wednesday. Wednesday morning, I get to the dentist. They told me that the pain I'm feeling is too much pain to be caused by the teeny cavity that is in the tooth that is hurting. The pain is actually from a sinus infection and since I am pregnant, there really isn't much I can do so I just have to deal with the pain. DAH!!! Then I told them I have a bump on my cheek that is pretty painful as well and they told me it is a blocked salivary gland. Again, there isn't anything I can do about it and I have to let it run its course. So they fixed a different cavity and I made another appt to fix the rest of my teeth. (Yes, I have 3 more small cavities to fix. Yes, I'm going to be adding oils to my teeth cleaning daily routine, but that will be another post!) I get home on Wednesday and I am in so much pain!!! I am miserable! I am hurting so bad in my face that it made me nauseous and I physically couldn't function well. I have never had this kind of pain before. I've had 3 kids, but contractions aren't constant pain. This consistent pain in my mouth was HORRIBLE!! So, I start researching what to do with my oils. I read the Breathe and Eucalyptus are great for sinus infections. Wonderful, I have those oils in my stash. So I pull them out and start using them about 4-6 times a day. I rubbed Eucalyptus on my nose and down into my left cheek (my infection was only on the left side and I only had pain on the left side). Then I would put Breathe on my top lip as well as one drop in my hands. I'd cup my hands over my nose and take a few deep breaths. This helped clear my nasal passage ways so it wasn't stuffy. Then, I'd put a drop of Eucalyptus and a drop of either Melaleuca or OnGuard on a Q-tip and stick it halfway up my left nostril and take a few deep breaths. This is to help kill the infection. Within the first day of doing this, I felt the pain move from my cheek to my eye. Although it was very painful, it gave me hope because that meant the infection was being moved and hopefully moving out. The next day, I'd do it all over again, same thing. The pain was throbbing so hard in my eye, I looked at my oils and tried to figure out what to use. So, as I stated earlier, WHEN IN DOUBT, USE LAVENDER!! So I put lavender around my eye and I completely felt a difference. When it seemed to painful to move, I'd also put a drop or two of Lavender in a hot bath and just relax. This also helped me feel better and get some sleep. Today, is my third day doing this regiment. I woke up this morning feeling SOOOO much better! The pain/pressure is almost gone from my head and my nose is running. Good sign! The infection is moving out and I feel like I can function without laying on the couch with a hot bean bag on my face! :) 
I have loved having DoTERRA's essential oils in my life. They have made a huge difference for me and my family's health and I can't imagine going back to our lives before we started using the oils. Please feel free to post comments and questions and I promise to answer back asap!!! Help me get this blog advertised and get more followers so we can spread the word that going natural is the way to go!! :)


Alisha said...

So glad that you feel better! I have had those before and they are way nasty!

Molly! said...

That is awesome! My mom has chronic sinus infections, so I will definitely have to suggest this!