Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Honest Opinion

Ok, so since having had been so sick this last week, I decided that this would be a great time to put oils/medicine to the test. I have stopped using medicines in my house and have loved it. But I wanted to be able to post a for sure honest opinion to you all that the oils really help out more than medicine, in most cases, in my experience. Now please remember, I am not an expert or a doctor one bit. I just know what I know because of my own experiences. You may all feel differently, which is just fine!!  :) 
Sinus infections really are painful. I don't know whether mine was just really bad or if they really all are that painful, but I was in pain this last week! I literally sat on the couch and just cried because I was in so much pain and had no idea how to relieve any pain or pressure from my head. One evening, I made the desperate attempt and took some Tylenol an hour or two before I went to bed. My honest opinion, it did nothing. It didn't relieve any pressure in my head, it didn't help me sleep any better, nothing. So, maybe for others it works great, but for me, I'll stick with my oils. Then, on Sunday, I wanted to try using something to dry up my sinus' a little while I went to church so I wasn't a leaky faucet the whole time, sniffing and snuffing away. So, I took a little bit of benadryl because I know that it can be used for that. Well, an hour into church, I felt it hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't keep my eyes open! I know that Benadryl can make you sleepy, I guess I was just hopeful that I'd be just fine. Because I couldn't go to sleep, I felt even more miserable. And no, my faucet never turned off. Making me the one in the back of the room wiping my nose every two minutes in between coughing periodically. I got home from church and took a little nap before I made dinner. I woke up and felt like a truck had hit me! Making me feel worse than I did before!! Grrr!! So, here is my final analysis:
I have decided that DoTERRA essential oils are for me. I will no longer use medicine because in my opinion, it doesn't help me and I felt so much healthier using my oils. I literally could feel my sinus infection moving up and out of my body. Starting in my cheek, then it moved to my eye, then my nose. Now I am left with just a little runny nose. No pressure. No headaches. I'm still tired but I am 7 months along, with 3 other little kids. I loved my experience with using my oils and will continue to stick with them! :)
What is your opinion of my experience?


Molly! said...

Reading your experience has been really interesting to me. I went to a conference where a lady gave a short lecture on using essential oils and herbs, and she said if you feel like you've got more pain after you start to use the oils, that is all the bad chemicals or infection or whatever moving out of your body and that you need to continue to use the oils to more fully move whatever is hurting you out. Maybe this contributed to your pain during your sinus infection? Anyway, I thought that you would think that was interesting.

Corinne Hoyt said...

Thanks for bringing that up Molly! It is so true and it is one thing that people don't like about the oils. Most people will get a little "sick" when they start using essential oils frequently. It is because of what you just said, they are naturally pushing out all of those toxins and bad stuff that your body needs to get rid of and can have that affect on some people. Most people would rather just take a pill and make them feel better. I personally would rather get rid of the yucky stuff so that the illnesses and stuff don't keep happening in the first place! Eliminating the source of the problem is what it comes down to. I want to treat my body well and take care of it so it can allow me to do the things I want to do. Sitting on the couch in pain is not something I want to be doing and it made it hard for me to be a mom. I know that most people who use the oils regularly RARELY EVER get sick or experience any type of ailment because they are really taking care of their body. Thanks Molly!!