Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am really excited about the upcoming month for me. 
Have you ever had an A-HA moment? 
Well, mine has been like an A-HA process! I have always loved the color green (no, not just like, LOVE it. If you ask anyone who knows me well at all, they will tell you my favorite color is green. My kids even try to get me to buy candy by choosing green ones thinking I'll be more inclined to do so!) Well, in the last couple weeks, I think there is a reason my favorite color is green!

Green to me means the earth, more natural and clean way to do things. 

About 4 years ago, I really got into recycling and doing what I could around my house to keep it naturally clean - at least with the limited knowledge I had, I THOUGHT I was doing things well. If you have never been into recycling, did you know that it can save you a little bit of money. Not a lot that you might always notice at first. But, if you recycle all that you can, you use less garbage sacks! I rarely have to buy them and really the only things going into my garbage can now are food being thrown away and stuff. My kids even know all about recycling and it is a part of our lives every day now! :)

     Moving on...

When I started with using essential oils, I was really excited to expand my knowledge about how we can help keep the earth clean and nice so that our kids and future generations have the same, and even better, opportunities that we all had. These oils have really helped my family in so many ways. I know some people think we're crazy and sometimes you may think we stink. But I think my family is pretty healthy. Yeah, my kids will get sick periodically, but we are able to take care of it at home without putting all of the garbage into our bodies that make it not work properly. 
About a month ago, I was invited to a Norwex party. Cleaning without chemicals. A topic I was going to tackle this summer while I was out of school for a while. So I was really excited about this class. Well, it was more than I could have imagined and it was like I felt like this was an answer and system created just for me!
I hate cleaning!
I hate buying cleaners!
I hate the toxins and yucky stuff they put into our bodies and in the air!
Then I hate when after all of that is said and done, they don't even work!!!
I was drawn to this brand from the get-go! :) 
I all of a sudden felt this passion for something that I had never felt before! Of just doing things in a natural, healthier way! 
The more I thought about essential oils and then these cleaners, combining it with my degree at school (Marriage & Family Studies - I can do counseling, social work, etc. with it after getting my Master's Degree), the more I realized what I really want for everyone is to be happy. Happy and free to live their lives healthy and in a way without worry. Sure, we get sick from time to time. But I don't worry because I have the knowledge and resources to get us through it. Yeah, I worry about the germs my kids bring home from school. But I don't want a runny nose to stop us all from living our lives! So from medicine, to food, to cleaning, to emotions and life...
I want everyone to live a happy life.
In every way possible.
In April, I will be adding the Norwex products (which I will be teaching you all more about) to my collection. I am fully getting rid of all cleaners and towels and cloths in my house and replacing it all with Norwex. It is that awesome! 
Please stay tuned for more about Norwex to come. These products are worth the time and every penny. 
Essential oils got me excited to tackle the illnesses and ailments we all suffer through. Norwex has gotten me excited about cleaning. Yes, cleaning! I used to loathe cleaning! NO, NOT ANYMORE!!! :)

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Alisha said...

Love this!! I want to use norwex more too...hopefully we can find the budget for it!