Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guest Post

Today's post comes from a good friend, Jennifer. She has been using the oils for some time now and has had great experiences. I'm so happy she agreed to help me out with a guest post for today! 

"Let me introduce myself as a former Glade Plug in addict. I loved the way all scented things smelled whether it was a candle, plug-in, air freshener spray, or scented carpet powder. We used all these products in our house religiously in almost every room of the house for a year before I started to question their safety.
My husband suddenly started to get headaches that lasted for at least 24 hours and seemed to occur about every 2 weeks. In addition to his headaches I was beginning to get migraines again, which I hadn't suffered from for years. After several months of this I began examining our lifestyles to see if there was anything obvious causing the headaches. We eat very healthy and drink very little soda, so I knew it was not our diet causing the headaches.

After reading an article online about synthetic fragrances causing headaches I removed all frangranced items from our home. I tossed all the plug ins, put the candles in storage and stopped using the scented carpet powder. At the same time I purchased doTERRA peppermint oil and a diffuser after reading a post on Facebook (by Corinne!) about the health benefits of essential oils.

I was at first skeptical about the actual health benefits of the oils but being addicted to scents like I was, I needed something to make the house smell good so I figured at the very least, the oils would succeed in that aspect. About two months passed before either my husband or I realized that he hadn't had a headache in that whole time! The only change we had made was removing all the fake fragrances and diffusing the all natural oils instead! After seeing the difference I vowed that I would never go back and would only use essential oils going forward. After several more months of just diffusing the peppermint oil, I noticed that I too was not having any headaches. That was the last piece of proof that I needed to know that the oils really were helping with our headaches. Ever since then I have incorporated them into our lives as much as possible!"

Are any of you "Glade Plug-in Addicts"? I love that term Jennifer! Its okay, you can all admit it. I will admit going through a phase of them. But now I hate them. After hearing about Jennifer's experiences, I don't dare use them anymore. So I have a box of them to get rid of! I have just realized that my health and that of my family's is just too important to me. What do you guys think?

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Alisha said...

I totally agree with Jen about using the oils as fragrance in the home! I have used Scentsy in the past and have found that it can give me headaches too!