Monday, October 3, 2011

Help Me Breathe!

So can I just tell you how wonderful Breathe is? As I mentioned before, my kids have had colds the past little while. Breathe has been my saving grace. I put a drop on their chest in the morning and it stopped their runny nose until after lunch. I ended up putting the oil on, one drop at a time, about 3-4 times a day. Every time, within 10 minutes, their nose was not running anymore. They were cleared up and doing much better. I have never been disappointed with this oil and highly recommend it for the upcoming flu/cold season. I personally love being able to help dry up their little noses without having to give them something that zonks them out for hours. Then we are able to go on with our day without unexpected naps and delays AND without going through a whole box of tissues. :) So be sure to stock up. Breathe costs $26.67 retail and only $20 wholesale. So it would definitely benefit you to sign up and get it at wholesale price because I guarantee that once you try it, you will LOVE it just like me. It is one of the oils I carry with me at all times.

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