Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Sciatic Nerve Needed Some Balance

On Monday afternoon, my back started hurting (worse than usual, I am due in a month with my 4th child remember! Ha ha! ), by the time I got home, I literally couldn't walk because I had sharp pains on my lower right side of my back. I laid down for the rest of the evening hoping it would go away. The next morning, it was just as bad. So I did my research and realized it was probably a pinch in my sciatic nerve. From what I read on the internet, it has nothing to do with pregnancy and usually has something to do with the discs in your back being out of whack somehow. Once realizing that this was the pain I was feeling, I did more research to see what oils could help me. So Tuesday night, I handed Ryan some oils and told him where to rub. Here is what he did:
He put about 1 tbsp of fractionated coconut oil in his palm then added about 7-8 drops of peppermint oil. He used this and rubbed up and down my spine. Then he used Balance to rub on the actual spot that was hurting, where the sciatic nerve is, which was my right lower back. Then I slowly sat up and he put a drop on my wrist and rubbed the pressure points for the sciatic nerve and the spine, he did this on both hands. Then we went to bed. This morning I woke up and could walk! I really didn't feel too much pain at all! It was so nice to be able to get up and walk out of my room without grabbing on to things to help keep me up the whole way. I took a hot shower and then before Ryan went to work, I had him rub my spine again, only this time, he used Balance instead of Peppermint, with a little bit of Frankincense. Today, I haven't had much back pain at all. I am back to feeling normally, walking normally and was able to actually get things done around the house. 
If you have any questions about what was done here, let me know and we'll chat it up! :) I am so glad to have these oils in my life!

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Alisha said...

Wish I knew about that about a year glad that you feel better!