Monday, March 14, 2011

My Update and a Little Tip For You!

Hello everyone! I, again, apologize for not posting for a bit. I am now 34 weeks along and life is getting crazy with the due date getting closer, my daughter's 5th birthday coming, and my semester starting next month. So, if my posts seem scarce, that would be my excuse! 
I got the 3 of you the paper about the emergency kit and if you know of any other people who want one, let me know! I have plenty!
How are all of you doing with your oils? I'd love to hear from you all about any experiences you've had recently.
My daughter that I told you all about earlier who has some sort of skin issue, well, we're still struggling with it. After a lot of consulting with people who are more of an expert with the oils, I have come to the conclusion that she has some sort of allergy to SOMETHING she is eating. I tried limiting dairy and I didn't really quite see a change. My guess is that it is oranges. She absolutely loves oranges and it seems to get a little better when I took oranges out of her diet for a bit. But, just to make sure, we're going into the doctor this afternoon to get an allergy test done, or to get one scheduled. Then we can go from there. To this day, to put lotion on her skin makes it feel worse and so we only use the oils on her.
Piper, my youngest daughter, woke up with a red eye and some yucky stuff around it. So, I'm looking up now what to do for her. I'll keep you posted on what I find! 
Tip of the day: Don't use baby oil or any other type of mineral oil with the essential oils. Mineral oils will actually do the opposite of what you want them to. Instead of taking the toxins out of the body, mineral oils will actually put the toxins back into the liver/kidney, etc. So, make sure you are using something like the fractionated coconut oil that doTERRA sells. Extra virgin olive oil can be used, but it acts as a time suppressant and will actually keep the oils from acting promptly, instead delaying their effects. I hope that makes sense! I just learned this this last month! I'm still learning and am happy to share what I learn. I hope everyone is doing well!

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