Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gathering My Food for Winter

My goodness. Life has been crazy. For the month of July, I think I spent more of it out of state than here at home. Then for the month of August, I have spent most of my time "gathering my nuts for winter". Here is a look into what my month of August consisted of...
9 Quart sized bags of grapes and 3 gallon sized bags of snack size bags of grapes!
2 Gallon bags full of strawberries!
All of this goes in my freezer! We like the strawberries for smoothies and
the grapes for snacks in the winter time when grapes cost too much to buy.
If I remember right, this is 27 quart sized bags of green beans for my freezer!

15 pints of plum jam
11 pints of sweetened applesauce (with sugar and cinnamon) and
17 pints of unsweetened applesauce (I use this for baking -
I replace vegetable oil with applesauce in pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins, breads, etc.).
Then I have a bunch of plum fruit leather rolls!

So there ya go. Since then, I have also done plum juice (interesting flavor for sure, but will be good with a little sugar, water, and possibly some Sprite or 7-Up! :) I also have done white plum jam which came out an orange color and tastes SO YUMMY!! I also have about 7 quart sized bags of grated zucchini in my freezer.
Within the next week, I also have 2 boxes of nectarines, 2 boxes of peaches and 100 lbs of pears coming. I will be making pear sauce (for pancakes and such), dried pears, pear butter, fruit leather with all 3 fruits, peach jam, frozen peaches for smoothies, dried nectarines, peach pie filling and anything else I can come up with! :) I also am planning on apple pie filling soon as well.
Do you like to do anything like this? What have you done to prepare for the cold months coming? I also have been working hard on doing freezer meals and monthly menu plans (which have helped tremendously for my sanity).


Jen said...

Wow Corinne that's impressive. Where did you learn to can?

Alisha said...


ChrissyLee said...

wow. looks like you have been busy. good job. good job with sticking to the diet. i wish we could figure it out. i think it would help phoebe a lot. you'll have to give me tips with actually getting started on it. miss you guys.

Corinne Hoyt said...

Thanks guys! Jen, I have just learned more about canning the last couple years and I love it. I know exactly what is in my food now and can feed it to my kids without worrying or double-checking labels. Chrissy, I'll text you soon and we'll talk about the diet. :)