Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Out of Control!

Have you ever had a moment where you literally felt like you have no control over something you said or did? Words just pop out of your mouth without a second thought, or even a first one, for that matter. Emotion just makes its way out through tears or rage without so much as a warning? Ha ha, sounds like that time of the month for some! Well, what if I told you I have seen with my own eyes how just changing the food that you eat, can change all of that? Cuz I can! And I will! :)
We have been on the Feingold Diet for 4 months now. We made it out of Stage 1 and into Stage 2 where we can now add in other foods, though we still stay away from all artificial flavorings, dyes, and preservatives. Holy cow! What a difference it has been in our house! It has been amazing to me to see what happens now when my daughter does eat something she isn't supposed to. She gets super angry really easily, she has temper tantrums like no 6 year old should and she gets really emotional and impatient. She even has had an issues with wetting her pants after consuming "bad" foods. No, she doesn't always like that she can't have any snack that she wants, and I hate that we can't always just go get an ice cream cone when we want anymore (although that is helping my checkbook!). But it is completely worth it so see how much more control she has over herself. I feel like I am able to finally have a relationship with her like I never have before and it is a great feeling! :) We don't use medication at all. We want her to learn how to control herself and not rely on the medicine to do it for her. I'm not saying that it isn't a great option for someone else. My hubby and I have just chosen this path for our family! We are all healthier because of it anyways and am glad we have this opportunity in our family!!

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