Monday, September 10, 2012


I bought a bottle of garlic oil a while back to help me when I was getting yeast infections a lot (which, I must say, since we've changed our diet and "way of life" I never get anymore!). But since then, the bottle has just sat. So I decided one day to research what good is garlic to me and if it is good enough, I'll start taking it every day. Lo and behold, it is WONDERFUL!!! Here is why...
Garlic is a great antibacterial remedy. It is also anti fungal and antiviral. Lovin' all of the anti's! :)
It is also said to be great at preventing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and helping with heart disease. It helps prevent colds, which is what we all want this time of year!
So when I asked myself if I should garlic to my daily regime, I jumped with enthusiasm yelling "YES!" Okay, there was no jumping or yelling of any sorts. But I am now taking a pill of garlic everyday. 
What is your daily regiment? Is there one thing you can add to make it just a little better??

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