Sunday, September 16, 2012


So I think I have blogged about this before, but I recently found some more info that just made my jaw drop. The more I go through life, the more I try to do things naturally. I feel healthier and I see a difference in my home because of it. I have talked before about how deodorant actually has aluminum in it. Any metal going into your body, especially on a daily basis, isn't going to be good for it. There isn't enough scientific knowledge to back it up, but some people believe that with enough build-up of parabens and aluminum in the body, breast cancer can be a result. 
Honestly, when I found out that aluminum was in deodorant, I was not happy. There are some brands that don't have it, but I haven't had a chance to go figure out what they are. I think Tom's of Maine might be one. Don't quote me on that though. There are oils you can use to help with body odor if that is an issue for you. In fact, I think just using coconut oil directly on your armpits can help reduce body odor. So I just encourage you to look at the labels and consider what you are using on your body. A fear of mine is getting cancer (well, that and getting stabbed). So I am trying to all that I can now to reduce my chances of being just another one in the epidemic that cancer has become. 
What are you doing now 
to make you healthier in the future?

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Alisha said...

Who knew? Makes me think everytime I put on my deodorant in the morning!