Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You Can Get Free Oils Too!

This can be a touchy subject with some people because it makes some feel like they might be forced to buy oils all the time when maybe they don't want to. That is fine. For those of you who are interested, I just want to give you more information about the autoship program that doTERRA offers. I currently have about 500pv to spend on oils right now. That is a lot of points!!! Just a reminder of what pv means - doTERRA has a point system (point value = pv) for each oil. Some are worth the same as their price, some are worth a little bit less than their price. Their autoship program is now called the Loyalty Rewards Program and is based off of how many pv you are spending each month. To earn free oils, you have to spend at least 50pv a month
The first 3 months that you are on the autoship, you will earn 10% back to spend on oils. From months 4-6, that percentage will go up to 15%, months 7-9 goes up to 20% and from months 10-12, you will get 25% back. Finally, from months 13+, you will earn 30% back of what you spend each month, to use on oils. 
If you stop doing the autoship for one month, you will lose the points that you have earned. You are not required to do it for a certain amount of time. That is up to you. You are also able to change your order every month so that you can get whatever you want. I have been on the autoship for about 2 years and have not regretted it at all!!
To redeem your points, you simply pay $3 for every 100pv and pay for any shipping and handling. So if you are one of those lucky ones that live close enough to go pick it up from the office (I am not) you wouldn't have to pay for the shipping. I think it is a great deal for these oils!! Believe me, I am huge into great deals (I am a couponer!) and so if it weren't worth it, I wouldn't be doing it myself. 
If you are thinking you are wanting to make this a business, the only difference would be is that instead of spending 50pv a month, you would have to spend at least 100pv a month
By signing up for the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) you are given your own website to order from and to refer others to order from. 
I think this covers it all. Ha ha. Did I lose any of you along the way? Please ask me your questions and feel free to comment. I want this to be clear for everyone so that it can remain an option for you all! :)

Sidenote: My husband just made us a late-night orange julius and he put in two drops of grapefruit essential oil for a little flavor and health benefit!! :) It is yummy!!

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