Monday, January 23, 2012

Skin Issues

How has everybody been lately??? My new semester started a few weeks ago and I might be getting the hang of it. Might is the keyword there. 
So to refresh your memory a little bit, my oldest daughter, Abby, has extremely dry skin and has since she was a baby. We tried every kind of lotion and nothing seemed to really get to the root of the problem. When she was 4 years old, she really was getting more patches everywhere and it was really becoming irritating to her. So we got an allergy test done. The test came back to say that the only thing she was allergic to was....Nicotene! Ha! Well, since we don't smoke and we try to not be around anyone who does, there had to be another solution. The doctor gave us another prescription lotion and we have been using that. Around the time she turned 5, she showed us some bumps on her little bum that was itching. It looked like a wart. I took her into the doctor and it came back to be Molluscum warts that are caused from dry skin. There isn't really anything that can be done for these wart, you have just have to let them run their course. They do spread very easily though so you have to be very careful. She could be the only one to use a towel (which was fine by me cuz I like to wash our towels after every use). Eventually, a seed would come to the top of the wart. Instead of letting it fall off and perhaps land somewhere else on her body, only to spread this viscious virus, we would pick the seed out. Sounds gross, I know. The things parents do for their kids. When we started doing this though, we noticed that they weren't spreading and at least we felt like we had a little control over them. I decided to go to and look up on the google group for doTERRA what other people are doing for these warts. I had tried other oils in the past, but they didn't seem to be right for her body. I read about someone else using doTERRA's blend of Clear Skin. So we decided to give it a go. It isn't the greatest smelling oil blend, I will be honest. It is a little strong too so after Abby got out of the bath, I would rub some of the fractionated coconut oil on her bum, elbows and down her legs. Then I would rub the roller bottle of Clear Skin directly on each of her little warts. We decided to do this regiment and forgo the prescription lotion for now. 
Within a week, the warts were literally disappearing. They were no longer going through the process of getting larger and having the seed come to the top. They were just getting smaller and going away!!!! My husband was literally amazed at how well and how quickly we were getting results. We only put it on every other day after she gets out of the bath (mainly cuz that is when I remember!). I am so happy that we have found something that actually works and it doesn't involve anything that makes her uncomfortable or puts her in any pain. 

If you have any skin issues, give this blend a shot. It comes in a roller bottle for easy use. There are actually two blends, one is a more recent addition to the blends. The original one costs $39.33 retail and only $29.50 wholesale. The newer form of the blend is only $21 wholesale while at $28 retail. (I will have to look into what the difference is.)

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