Monday, April 23, 2012

Norwex: The REAL Clean!

Here is the information some of you have been waiting for....all about Norwex and their Microfiber cloths! Can I just say how amazing this brand is?? I absolutely love it and am converting my whole house to them. So here is the low-down on these amazing towels...
Norwex's Mission Statement is "to improve the quality of life rather than the standard of living". (This came from my training manual) They do this by providing people with products of quality and reliability. By using their products, you are making your home healthier, saving you time and investing your money in a better future. Norwex runs its company with core values of integrity, trust and respect. They stand behind their products 100%. Their goal is to reduce the chemicals being used in cleaning and personal care in everybody's homes.
Now onto these great cloths....
Norwex's main products are their microfiber cloths. Unlike other microfiber cloths which are 1/6 of a human hair, Norwex's are 1/100th of a human hair. So if you take a human hair and split it up 100 times, that will give you how small Norwex's microfibers are. This allows them to grab and hold in more dirt and germs. They also have silver embedded into the cloth. "The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and or mildew growth withing the product. Once these particles are inside the wet cloth, the micro silver in the cloth goes to work wit self purification properties against the mole, fungi and bacterial odor with in 24 hours so that it is ready to use again." Therefore, all of the dirt, germs, grease and dust you wipe up with it, will be gone and your surfaces sanitized! Isn't that amazing?? 
I don't want to bore you too much so I am now just going to direct you to this YouTube video. It is a lady who actually works in the chemistry department at BYU-Idaho who didn't believe these cloths were as great as they really are. So she performed her own experiment.
Another clip that is a MUST SEE is one with the microfiber cloths from Norwex combined with chicken juice. Chicken, we all know leaves many germs on our counters and cutting boards. So you will love this clip and want only Norwex cloths in your house after this! 
The great thing about these cloths are that when wiping up the dirt, grime, bacteria, etc. the cloth will actually trap the bacteria inside and you won't even get any on your hands either.
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Let me also mention real quick that these cloths are made to last for 500 washes. If you were to wash these once a week (which is about all you need to do - I do about every week and a half), these cloths will last for 10 years!!! 10! Crazy huh? They also have a 2 year warranty on them - not many companies will do that for their products of this nature.

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Lyndsey said...

Very cool! I am certainly interested in the silver. That is very cool, and any cloth that doesn't smell disgusting sounds good to me!